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Article 8

Article 8 — Collection and transmission of fingerprint data

  1. Each Member State shall, in accordance with the safeguards laid down in the European Convention on Human Rights and in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, promptly take the fingerprints of all fingers of every alien of at least 14 years of age who is apprehended by the competent control authorities in connection with the irregular crossing by land, sea or air of the border of that Member State having come from a third country and who is not turned back.
  2. The Member State concerned shall promptly transmit to the Central Unit the following data in relation to any alien, as referred to in paragraph 1, who is not turned back:
    1. Member State of origin, place and date of the apprehension;
    2. fingerprint data;
    3. sex;
    4. reference number used by the Member State of origin;
    5. date on which the fingerprints were taken;
    6. date on which the data were transmitted to the Central Unit.