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Article 24

Article 24 — Annual report: Monitoring and evaluation

  1. The Commission shall submit to the European Parliament and the Council an annual report on the activities of the Central Unit. The annual report shall include information on the management and performance of Eurodac against pre-defined quantitative indicators for the objectives referred to in paragraph 2.
  2. The Commission shall ensure that systems are in place to monitor the functioning of the Central Unit against objectives, in terms of outputs, cost-effectiveness and quality of service.
  3. The Commission shall regularly evaluate the operation of the Central Unit in order to establish whether its objectives have been attained cost-effectively and with a view to providing guidelines for improving the efficiency of future operations.
  4. One year after Eurodac starts operations, the Commission shall produce an evaluation report on the Central Unit, focusing on the level of demand compared with expectation and on operational and management issues in the light of experience, with a view to identifying possible short-term improvements to operational practice.
  5. Three years after Eurodac starts operations and every six years thereafter, the Commission shall produce an overall evaluation of Eurodac, examining results achieved against objectives and assessing the continuing validity of the underlying rationale and any implications for future operations.