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Article 14

Article 14 — Security

  1. The Member State of origin shall take the necessary measures to:
    1. prevent any unauthorised person from having access to national installations in which the Member State carries out operations in accordance with the aim of Eurodac (checks at the entrance to the installation);
    2. prevent data and data media in Eurodac from being read, copied, modified or erased by unauthorised persons (control of data media);
    3. guarantee that it is possible to check and establish a posteriori what data have been recorded in Eurodac, when and by whom (control of data recording);
    4. prevent the unauthorised recording of data in Eurodac and any unauthorised modification or erasure of data recorded in Eurodac (control of data entry);
    5. guarantee that, in using Eurodac, authorised persons have access only to data which are within their competence (control of access);
    6. guarantee that it is possible to check and establish to which authorities data recorded in Eurodac may be transmitted by data transmission equipment (control of transmission);
    7. prevent the unauthorised reading, copying, modification or erasure of data during both the direct transmission of data to or from the central database and the transport of data media to or from the Central Unit (control of transport).
  2. As regards the operation of the Central Unit, the Commission shall be responsible for applying the measures mentioned under paragraph 1.