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Article 1

Article 1 — Purpose of "Eurodac"

  1. A system known as Eurodac is hereby established, the purpose of which shall be to assist in determining which Member State is to be responsible pursuant to the Dublin Convention for examining an application for asylum lodged in a Member State, and otherwise to facilitate the application of the Dublin Convention under the conditions set out in this Regulation.
  2. Eurodac shall consist of:
    1. the Central Unit referred to in Article 3;
    2. a computerised central database in which the data referred to in Article 5(1), Article 8(2) and Article 11(2) are processed for the purpose of comparing the fingerprint data of applicants for asylum and of the categories of aliens referred to in Article 8(1) and Article 11(1);
    3. means of data transmission between the Member States and the central database.

      The rules governing Eurodac shall also apply to operations effected by the Member States as from the transmission of data to the Central Unit until use is made of the results of the comparison.

  3. Without prejudice to the use of data intended for Eurodac by the Member State of origin in databases set up under the latter's national law, fingerprint data and other personal data may be processed in Eurodac only for the purposes set out in Article 15(1) of the Dublin Convention.