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Relating to a proceeding under Article 81 of the EC Treaty (IV/34.010 - Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken (1991 GSA agreement), IV/33.793 - Nederlandse Postorderbond, IV/34.234 - Verenigde Nederlandse Uitgeversbedrijven and IV/34.888 - Nederlandse Organisatie van Tijdschriften Uitgevers/Nederlandse Christelijke Radio Vereniging) (notified under document number C(1999) 2056) (Only the Dutch text is authentic)
Article 2

Article 2 — This Decision is addressed to: De Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken Singel 236 NL - 1016 AB Amsterdam

Done at Brussels, 8 September 1999.

For the Commission


Member of the Commission

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  5. The NVB notified the 1991 GSA agreement on behalf of its members, but it is not a party to the agreement. It signed the agreement to acknowledge that it had been apprised of the contents.
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  14. Several banks are currently perfecting more advanced image technology to replace optical reading systems. Since the beginning of 1996 payees wishing to receive an acceptance giro document back after processing (users of acceptance giros with many attachments) have been sent image prints of acceptance giros converted into electronic data (Interpay 1996 annual report).
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  16. Parts of this text have been edited to ensure that confidential information is not disclosed; those parts are enclosed in square brackets and marked with an asterisk.
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  20. The process of bringing the banks' payment circuits via Interpay and the Postbank circuit closer together culminated in 1997 in the setting-up of the national payment circuit (Nationaal Betalings Circuit) (NVB 1998 annual report).
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  27. The drawee bank and payee bank may be one and the same, in which case the transaction is an intrabank transaction.
  28. As was the case prior to the entry into force of the 1991 GSA agreement.
  29. As was the case in the Netherlands for ATMs until 1998.
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  32. The replies of various banks to the request for information of 5 August 1997 and 18 January 1999 showed that, in 1997 to 1999, virtually all these banks continued to charge a standard charge of NLG 0,45 (notification without attachments), although in practice some deviation from the standard charge was possible.
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  43. As a result of the strong financial ties between foreign parent companies and their branches in the Netherlands, branches must be seen as an extension of the relevant parent companies irrespective of their legal status. The activities of these branches must accordingly be seen as a part of the trade between Member States. See judgment of the Court of Justice in Case 45/85 Verband der Sachversicherer v Commission [1987] ECR 458.
  44. Subsidiaries of foreign banks based in the Netherlands are regarded as foreign banks by De Nederlandsche Bank where non-residents have a shareholding of at least 50 % (see DNB 1991 annual report and DNB's reply to the request for information dated 5 August 1997). The NVB itself also uses this definition (see NVB 1998 annual report, p. 54). The Bagnasco judgment (see footnote 35) demonstrates that the Court regards the participation not just of branches but also of subsidiaries of foreign banks as being relevant to the issue of whether trade between Member States has been affected.
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  46. These were general banks, cooperative banks, savings banks and mortgage banks (Annex VI to the letter from the NVB dated 18 July 1997).