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Laying down the procedures for the exercise of implementing powers conferred on the Commission
Article 7

Article 7

  1. Each committee shall adopt its own rules of procedure on the proposal of its chairman, on the basis of standard rules of procedure which shall be published in the Official Journal of the European Communities.

    Insofar as necessary existing committees shall adapt their rules of procedure to the standard rules of procedure.

  2. The principles and conditions on public access to documents applicable to the Commission shall apply to the committees.
  3. The European Parliament shall be informed by the Commission of committee proceedings on a regular basisfollowing arrangements which ensure that the transmission system is transparent and that the information forwarded and the various stages of the procedure are identified. To that end, it shall receive agendas for committee meetings, draft measures submitted to the committees for the implementation of instruments adopted by the procedure provided for by Article 251 of the Treaty, and the results of voting and summary records of the meetings and lists of the authorities and organisations to which the persons designated by the Member States to represent them belong. The European Parliament shall also be kept informed whenever the Commission transmits to the Council measures or proposals for measures to be taken.
  4. The Commission shall, within six months of the date on which this Decision takes effect, publish in the Official Journal of the European Communities, a list of all committees which assist the Commission in the exercise of implementing powers. This list shall specify, in relation to each committee, the basic instrument(s) under which the committee is established. From 2000 onwards, the Commission shall also publish an annual report on the working of committees.
  5. The references of all documents sent to the European Parliament pursuant to paragraph 3 shall be made public in a register to be set up by the Commission in 2001.