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On cross-border credit transfers
Article 4

Article 4 — Information subsequent to a cross-border credit transfer

The institutions shall supply their customers, unless the latter expressly forgo this, subsequent to the execution or receipt of a cross-border credit transfer, with clear information in writing, including where appropriate by electronic means, and in a readily comprehensible form. This information shall include at least:

- a reference enabling the customer to identify the cross-border credit transfer,

- the original amount of the cross-border credit transfer,

- the amount of all charges and commission fees payable by the customer,

- the value date, if any, applied by the institution.

Where the originator has specified that the charges for the cross-border credit transfer are to be wholly or partly borne by the beneficiary, the latter shall be informed thereof by his own institution.

Where any amount has been converted, the institution which converted it shall inform its customer of the exchange rate used.