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European Parliament and Council Directive 95/26/EC of 29 June 1995 amending Directives 77/780/EEC and 89/646/EEC in the field of credit institutions, Directives 73/239/EEC and 92/49/EEC in the field of non- life insurance, Directives 79/267/EEC and 92/96/EEC in the field of life assurance, Directive 93/22/EEC in the field of investment firms and Directive 85/611/EEC in the field of undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (Ucits), with a view to reinforcing prudential supervision
Article 3

Article 3

  1. The following paragraph shall be inserted in Article 8 of Directive 73/239/EEC ►M2 —————:

    ‘1a. Member States shall require that the head offices of insurance undertakings be situated in the same Member State as their registered offices.’

    ▼M1 —————