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On deposit-guarantee schemes
Article 8

Article 8

  1. The limits referred to in Article 7 (1), (3) and (4) shall apply to the aggregate deposits placed with the same credit institution irrespective of the number of deposits, the currency and the location within the Community.
  2. The share of each depositor in a joint account shall be taken into account in calculating the limits provided for in Article 7 (1), (3) and (4).

    In the absence of special provisions, such an account shall be divided equally amongst the depositors.

    Member States may provide that deposits in an account to which two or more persons are entitled as members of a business partnership, association or grouping of a similar nature, without legal personality, may be aggregated and treated as if made by a single depositor for the purpose of calculating the limits provided for in Article 7 (1), (3) and (4).

  3. Where the depositor is not absolutely entitled to the sums held in an account, the person who is absolutely entitled shall be covered by the guarantee, provided that that person has been identified or is identifiable before the date on which the competent authorities make the determination described in Article 1 (3) (i) or the judicial authority makes the ruling described in Article 1 (3) (ii). If there are several persons who are absolutely entitled, the share of each under the arrangements subject to which the sums are managed shall be taken into account when the limits provided for in Article 7 (1), (3) and (4) are calculated.

    This provision shall not apply to collective investment undertakings.