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On deposit-guarantee schemes
Article 12

Article 12

  1. The Commission shall submit to the European Parliament and to the Council by 31 December 2009 a report on:
    1. the harmonisation of the funding mechanisms of deposit-guarantee schemes addressing, in particular, the effects of an absence of harmonisation in the event of a cross-border crisis, in regard to the availability of the compensation payouts of the deposit and in regard to fair competition, and the benefits and costs of such harmonisation;
    2. the appropriateness and modalities of providing for full coverage for certain temporarily increased account balances;
    3. possible models for introducing risk-based contributions;
    4. the benefits and costs of a possible introduction of a Community deposit-guarantee scheme;
    5. the impact of diverging legislations as regards set-off, where a depositor’s credit is balanced against its debts, on the efficiency of the system and on possible distortions, taking into account cross-border winding-up;
    6. the harmonisation of the scope of products and depositors covered, including the specific needs of small and medium enterprises and local authorities;
    7. the link between deposit-guarantee schemes and alternative means for reimbursing depositors, such as emergency payout mechanisms.

    If necessary, the Commission shall put forward appropriate proposals to amend this Directive.

  2. Member States shall inform the Commission and the European Banking Committee if they intend to change the scope or level of coverage for deposits and on any difficulty encountered when cooperating with other Member States.